• We aren't all artists. Maybe you have a great idea for a design but can't make it look the way you want. Maybe you have no idea what you want at all. We are here to help. Let our creative staff work with you to make the design you have been looking for. Eclipse Print Emporium features a full service art department to suit your needs. Services include illustration, layout, logo development, raster art recreation, and web design.

• If you already have your artwork and you'd like to send it to us for printing follow the guidelines below.

• Preferred File Formats For Spot Color Printing
Artwork files can be sumbitted by email to jason@eclipsedetroit.com, by using the artwork submit form below, or by mailing a disk.

Adobe Illustrator CS2 (or earlier please!)
Did you see us behind you in line at Comp USA when you bought your brand new software? Nope! Didn't think so.

• All included art should be vector based.
• Save as an eps file (CMYK).
• Convert all fonts to outlines and/or include fonts used in the document.
• Assign Pantone/PMS colors.
• No placed/embedded raster files please (i.e. - jpegs, tiffs, pdfs, etc.)
• If placed files MUST be included, please provide the raster files as a 300 d.p.i. (or higher) TIFF seperately on disk or as a seperate e-mail attachment.
• If raster art must be used make sure that it is 300 d.p.i. (or higher) and saved in Adobe Photoshop or TIFF format.

• Please create art in the vector based program above. A raster file imported into a vector program is STILL a raster file.
• If provided art doestn't meet the above criteria, it may require re-creation or alteration at a rate of $50/hour or $75/hour, if needed within four business days. Art is charged in 15 minute blocks.
• The Art Director will contact you if there are any problems or questions pertaining to your art.
• ACCEPTABLE MEDIA: Compact Discs, CD-R's, DVD's, DVD-R's, Flash Drives, Zip 100 MB disks.
• Please DO NOT SEND Quark XPress, Pagemaker, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, word processing or other file formats than those listed above. While we have some of these programs, we can only use them to VIEW the desired art as a basis for re-creation. We cannont use them for screenprinting or color separations.
• Please do not assume your art is useable until checking our guidelines or asking us.
• Please DO NOT submit separations. Submit art as a composite of how you would like the final to appear.
• Compress e-mailed art with Stuffit Deluxe or Winzip when possible to avoid transmission errors.
• E-mail digital art or art-related questions to jason@eclipsedetroit.com or mail it to: Eclipse Print Emporium, 25820 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 5, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.
• As always, if you are a contract client, please submit a p.o. via fax to (248) 477-9528 BEFORE submitting art. Your job will be on hold/will not be scheduled to print until a purchase order is received. Does a restaurant give you a meal before you order it?

• Submit your own artwork here:

Failure to submit acceptable artwork may result in art charges.




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